Cranley the crane payed a visit to my neighborhood yesterday.  He didn’t stay long, as he was only here on a stop over.  We are always happy when Cranley visits.  He is magnificent to see.

Snack time. Snack time.

Showing off.

Coming in…

Break time.

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Anne of Green Gables Loves Point Pleasant Park

Sarah Emsley

Early in Anne of the Island, Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe go for a walk in Point Pleasant Park with a few friends. L.M. Montgomery doesn’t call the park “Point Pleasant,” but neither does she give it a new name, in the way that she fictionalizes Halifax as Kingsport and Dalhousie University as Redmond College. It’s simply “the park,” recognizable as Point Pleasant because of its shore road and its view of the small, treeless island in the harbour – George’s Island, here named “William’s Island.”

“Gilbert and Anne loitered a little behind the others, enjoying the calm, still beauty of the autumn afternoon under the pines of the park, on the road that climbed and twisted around the harbour shore.” The two of them are good friends at this point, but Gilbert is beginning to indicate he’d like to be more than friends. Montgomery herself sought solace…

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Spring with Robins in Fernie

Christopher Martin Photography

Perched amid the tangled branches - 2014 © Christopher Martin(click on the image to open a page with a higher resolution version)

Although Fernie is in the heart of the Rockies, it is deeper into spring than Calgary so the visit there over the Easter weekend was great.  Robins have always been a sure sign of spring for me and I found a few hunting in a field during the rain.  This one was particularly beautiful as it chirped away from its perch in a tree by the Elk River.

Over the shoulder - 2014 © Christopher Martin

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A Small Glimpse of the Pink in the Lakes


Most of you will know that I went up to the Mallee last weekend.  I did go out and do some star shots, but I also went out on a bit of a trip to the Murray Sunset National Park.  One of the things that the park is famous for are the Pink Lakes.  I have wanted to go there for quite a while, and on Monday I finally got my chance.  I have to say, the lakes really are pink.

LeanneCole-pinklakes-6052They don’t have a lot of water in them right now, I assume after the hot summer we had, which was a lot hotter up there, most of the lakes have dried out.  They have had some rain, but not enough to fill them again.  To get the real pink I think you need the water, as it is the red algae in the water that makes them…

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Friday Mystery Photo

Places Unknown

After going on a short vacation I think I get some type of minor travel depression syndrome, getting back to normal life is not as fun and I end up not making many photography posts. This is a bit annoying. Like last week we were in southern New Mexico and El Paso Texas. Most of it actually was not that exciting, we went there to see White Sands National Monument and as part of the trip stopped in Texas. Unless I ever want to go back to White Sands again, nothing else really will bring me back there voluntarily. I did not find it very exciting. I was in northern New Mexico a few years ago and it seemed much better looking than the south part. The Rio Grande below “Truth or Consequences” is nothing but the “Grande”. They suck all that water out into the water reservoirs and it…

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Mother and calf: Moose in Kananaskis


Christopher Martin Photography

Mom and calf - 2014 © Christopher Martin
In early April I went into Kananaskis along Highway 66 from Bragg Creek.  I was late getting out of bed and did not leave myself enough time to set up for a sunrise shoot.  I went for a short hike around Elbow Falls but returned to my car pretty quickly.  Heading back, I was scouring the hillsides and trees for wildlife.  I was lucky to catch this female just as she was stepping out of the forest.  The sun hadn’t cleared the mountains across the Elbow River so the moose was not yet in the sunlight.  I decided to set my camera up on my tripod and wait for a few minutes.

Funny face - 2014 © Christopher Martin
When the sun rose over the hill, the light was soft and warm so I was quite happy to sit quietly and watch as she moved around.

A little hidden - 2014 © Christopher Martin
Patience often pays off and it was true on this occasion. …

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Snowy Owls on the prairie

i like owls

Christopher Martin Photography

Ground flight effect - 2014 © Christopher Martin
I went out several times to photograph Snowy Owls this year but found them to be fewer in number and more elusive.  The ones I did find were less interested in me than the ones I found last year ( here , here and here ) so there were no long or close encounters.  I love watching them and it was a thrill just to see the ones I did find.  I photographed this one on February 22nd and was the last one I saw this winter.

A wing over the prairie - 2014 © Christopher Martin

We’ll have to see if next year is a good one for Snowies on the prairies east of Calgary.

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